• Paintings from a Photo Leave a Legacy of Hope

    Dreams and our hopes for the future are what keep us going no matter what…  a promise of all things working for good comes from God’s Word in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you […]

  • Pet Portraits

    Our pets show unconditional love and their portrait of grace will bless our family and future generations forever!

  • Thomas Kinkaid style mural

    Thomas Kinkaid style mural creates a sanctuary of peace.  Enjoy!

  • Murals

    Salon Zion (407)331-5007 “The Hair Show Experience” sinktuary mural

  • Oil on Copper

    “Fall in Florida” Lake Monroe Landscape, Oil on Copper

“Fall in Florida” Lake Monroe Landscape, Oil on Copper

  • Other Recent Articles

  • “See, There is Hope!”

    This is a painting entitled “See, There is Hope,” which is a painting inspired by the “Story of the Starfish but not literally illustrating it.”  Here’s how the story goes, at least my artist’s version of it: It was Friday. The family in the painting just arrived at the beach after mom and baby had […]

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  • Louise Nevelson - "Out of the Box" Art for MS/HS Students

    Louise Nevelson – “Out of the Box” Art for MS/HS Students

    Most artists think out of the box; Louise Nevelson thinks out of the box within the box.    This intriguing maze of “boxes” is filled with elements of art & principles of design including texture, form, balance, rhythm, unity. It is called “Dawn’s Wedding Chapel II.”  Why do you think she named it that? Ms. Nevelson […]

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  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love

    “Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.”  Psalm 45:11.  This painting was completed at the Amazing Women conference in August.   It was a precious moment realizing women’s lives were being touched by the hand of God through this painting. Afterwards, women came up to me and shared […]

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  • Complements Give Compliments!

     Henri Matisse, French Artist 1869-1954 “Boy with Butterfly Net” 1907, 69 3/4 X 45 15/16 oil on canvas 20th Century “Fauvism” Collection: Minneapolis Institute of Arts; the Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Fund http://www.artsconnected.org/resource/1757/boy-with-butterfly-net   Visiting Italy in 1907, the French artist Henri Matisse was deeply impressed by the frescoes of Giotto, the 14th-century artist who […]

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  • Japanese Lantern DIY

    Japanese Lantern DIY

    Japanese Garden Lantern Since ancient times, we find glowing lanterns in Japanese gardening.  The use of these specially-crafted garden lanterns is part of capturing the essence of a Japanese garden. The garden lantern, by itself, looks like a sculptured showpiece that acts as one of the focal points of the literal garden.  The soft, luminous […]

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  • Artist’s Journey – Norman Rockwell

    ‘What does Norman Rockwell have to do with Florida?’  Perhaps you don’t remember any palm trees and beaches in Rockwell’s landscapes. “Did Rockwell even paint landscapes?”  Norman Rockwell was actually an illustrator and painter who lived from 1894 until 1978, during a time when America was growing and developing like crazy.  He saw WWII and […]

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  • A Starbucks Moment

    It was a quick summer, wasn’t it?  Where did it go?  Sometimes I feel like the Jetson family, and perhaps I am aging myself here, but remember George Jetson on his cyber-treadmill shouting, ‘Jane, stop this crazy thing!’  because it kept going faster and faster and he couldn’t keep up?  Of course, Astro, the dog, […]

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  • The Christian and the Arts by Jimmy Williams

    The Christian and the Arts by Jimmy Williams

    The Christian and the Arts by Jimmy Williams (Via Becky Saunders.  Thank you, Becky, for sharing this. )  This excerpt is worth repeating and I hope it blesses you.   It seems to capture the heart of art that is worth sharing.  Enjoy… Christ and Culture At the beginning, we mentioned that aesthetics is related to […]

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  • The Art of Connection

    The Art of Connection

    “Coffee and Canvas Connections” is a new workshop I am sponsoring for Moms and women of all ages!    Here is an opportunity for women to connect with other women and explore their inner artist.  It’s an old art form that dates back to the days when women would gather around and make “things” while their […]

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